Monday, October 10, 2016

Trick Eye Museum - 3D Gallery


 Opening hours: Monday-Sunday
                                                  (ticket selling is only until 8pm)
              Where:            Level 3, The Peak Galleria
Entrance fee: Adults - HKD150
                     Kids - HKD100
                        Senior - HKD100

For more updated information and special offers, visit their webiste

My merman :))  

Here are some tips if you are planning a visit...
          1. Wear comfy clothes. Why? Because you'll be doing different kinds of positions and you                       don't want to feel uncomfortable on your photos. 
          2. Make sure to bring a camera and an extra battery or a power bank. 
          3. Be with someone who can take photos of you. It's hard to selfies on a 3D art. 
          4. READ. On every gallery, there is an instruction(on where to stand, what to do, etc.). You                     have to FOLLOW that in order to have a nice and perfect photo. 
          5. BE CREATIVE. Make your own unique poses and blend with the art. 
          6. Lastly, ENJOY! :) 

*Make sure to visit Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong at the Peak! :) Take a lot of photos and collect MEMORIES. :D 

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