Saturday, April 13, 2013


Can't think of any titles for this post so I decided to put this song I heard a while ago. :3 

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


La Union is one of the most famous vacation getaway here in the Philippines. La Union is now one of the favored surfing sites in the Philippines after Siargao in Mindanao. Aside from surfing, La Union is also known for its Botanical Gardens in San Fernando City(though I haven't seen this yet) which showcases different pavilions in its sprawling ten-hectare facility -a Fernery, Palmery, Fragrance Garden, Sunken Garden, Evergreen Garden, Arid Paradise, and a Shade Garden – with flora and fauna that are indigenous only to the Philippines. [reference here] "Pugad", which is located in Pugo La Union, is also one of the reason why La Union is becoming famous. 

Let me share with you this epic experience with my family during our trip to La Union. 

 View from our car. Lovely.
 Convoy :) 

 After a very long trip... 
 That feeling you get when you see that name and seeing those posters...

Before you can go inside, you have to pay for the entrance and your cottage. For adults, you have to pay Php200 and for the kids its Php150 

If you are this adventurous, Pugad offers new kind of adventure. They have 3 kinds of zip lines. Zip line 1 which is also know as 'Superman' is the longest zipline route(400m). Zip line 2 is the fastest zipline but its 250m long only. Zip line 3 is not as fast as zipline 2 and its also 250m long. 
The GIANT SWING and PAINTBALL caught my eye. I really wanted to try them!  

 hanging bridge!
Behind this is the pool area. But before you can swim, you need to be in your swimwear.

 The also have mini zoo! And its for free! :) it's inside the activity area. They have different kinds of birds, they have snakes, iguana, and crocodile. 

OWL. OMG. I want to take this home! :( 

Getting ready for our paintball.

breath taking giant swing. :)) 

BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! :) You must try it! 

xx, Trisha ♥

Monday, April 1, 2013

8 to 13 + Polka

Day 1 - March 28
Tiring day! :( 8-hour trip turns into a 13-hour trip. Super traffic + car accidents + flat tires everywhere. But still managed to take pictures. haha! :D 

A tradition being held every holy week. Took this photo while in the car.  

Polka :)


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