Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hong Kong DIY Trip for Four Days


And yes, I am not alone. :D I'm with Sher(my friend) and Carlo(my boyfriend). Supposed to be a double date tho. Sadly, Julius(Sher's boyfriend) was not able to come with us.

We stayed at Silka Seaview Hotel, a 3 star hotel located in Yau Ma Tei. Akichi Travel & Tours helped us in our booking. :)

 DAY 1: Arrival

You need to exchange some of your money at the airport cause you'll be needing it in buying an Octopus Card (you will use this to pay your bus ride or you can use it to shop at 7 11 stores, you can have it reloaded at their train stations). Don't exchange all of your money tho, there are better money changers near hotels and around Mongkok. 

**Tip: Buy an Octopus card in Hong Kong Airport. It's HKD 150 with 100 load. :)


After putting all our things at the hotel, we went straight here. We had our research before we went in Hong Kong so we knew that museums' entrance fee are free during Wednesdays. 

 It's a looooooong walk and thanks to our hotel's free use of smart phone with internet. Btw, you have an option to ride a taxi if you don't want to walk.

In front of the Hong Kong Museum of History is the Hong Kong Museum of Science.

After visiting the museum, we went back at our hotel to rest and eat dinner that we bought in Circle K. Food from Circle K(rice with pork,chicken or beef) costs HKD22-HKD28.


I'll be posting a separate blog for this. hehe :D


Went out after lunch and started walking going to The Peak. 
Buy tickets and ride the Tram. When you reach the top, the Victoria Peak, enjoy the view! Stunning. 
On that same building, you can visit Madame Tussauds and Trick Eye Museum. You can visit both in 1 day. :)

Ticket Price:
Madame Tussauds - HKD250

Trick Eye Museum - HKD150 (i'm not sure if this is free on a Wednesday)

*I'll be uploading the photos on Madame Tussauds and Trick Eye Museum on my next blog. :D

We finished earlier so we went to Mongkok to look for the street food, shop, and look for the sneakers street.

Some shops are costly, so it's better to check out the other stores first before buying them. :) 

DAY 4: Departure

Went back to Mongkok before our 9PM flight. :D 

mom's collection.

Hong Kong is a nice place to explore. It is a large and crowded city. And peoplewalk so fast. lol.

I tried my best to remember everything that we did in Hong Kong. You actually have several things that you can do in Hong Kong and for me, 4 days isn't enough. Hong Kong, I will be back! :D
Btw, if you want a colder weather stay in Hong Kong, October is not the right month. 

Hotel: Silka Seaview
Airline: Cebu Pacific Air
Hotel booking done by: Akichi Travel and Tours


I hope you enjoyed it! :)

xx, Trisha ♥

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