Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Summer is just around the corner! Beaches, swimming, night outs, happy eating days, and more! Imagine laying down in warm sand, hearing the soothing sounds of the ocean waves. One perfect moment. AHHHHHH! I'm so excited! Are you? :D 

Here are some photos that can make your summer hotter. :D 
[beach picture from google]

Swimsuit from Anemone
Shorts || Top from Shorts Station
Slipper from NothingButH2O

Dress from Ever New
Shoes || Shades from NothingButH2O 
Swimsuit from Anemone

And ofcourse, do not forget to use Nivea Sun protect & Refresh Invisible Cooling Mist. It is the first aerosol sunscreen from Nivea that combines immediate sun protection and pleasurable freshness. Be protected and feel refreshed under the heat of the sun! Grab yours now! :)

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